April 19, 2013

Free Font Friday - {Jenna Sue}

It's been a while since we've presented a free font. Last one we presented was celtic garamond in february. Sorry about that.

 Today's free font was one I used in revision fitnesses redesign.

I really love this font. It was created by Jenna Sue of Jenna Sue Designs (jennasuedesign.blogspot.com). She says in her blog post about the font - "I'm slightly obsessed with typography (it's my favorite part of design!), so making my own font has always been on my radar of things to do." You can read more about it on her design blog.

It's 100% free to use for commercial and personal use. "That's right, FREE. 100% Free, for any project. No need to ask permission... just use it! Enjoy :)"  You can download it at Dafont.com.

Thank you Jenna, we really love the font.

Creative Commons License

April 17, 2013

Revision Fitness Blog Redesign

After I finished Lindsey's blog a few weeks ago, Mindy, one of Lindsey's beachbody friends asked about a design for her site Revision Fitness. I was happy to design one for her.

Mindy wanted something similar to Vegas Fitness, Nutrition and Fashion - "Simple and to the point!" 

Mindy already had a header created all I needed to do was create the sites design and some blogger elements.

This was the final design we came up with.

I created several elements for her: 
  • A Meet Revision Fitness banner 
  • Stylized about me photos
  • Social Media Banners
  • A Join my Team beachbody image
  • CSS Stylizing of the search and submit buttons for the search and follow by email widgets.

Using my handy dandy HTML and CSS skills I also created a center aligned navigation bar. With a border on top and bottom to distinguish it from the rest of the page. 

And last but not least using the magic of Snap Widget I made two Instagram widgets. A gallery style banner at the top of the post section and a slideshow in the sidebar. 

Go and take a look. Mindy and Chris have an amazing story and are awesome at motivating their readers and were amazing clients to work with. Thank you Mindy and Chris.  

If you would like a blog design email me at lovinglifedesigns@gmail.com.

Creative Commons License