December 1, 2015

Christmas Card 2015
Free Download

Hi everyone, we have missed posting, but we are still not back. Our lives are still busier then ever. With new jobs and new business adventure, we have our hands full. Fingers crossed one day we are back to designing for our site. 

Today I have for you our annual Christmas card download. We've been doing one since 2012 and I had to do one! This is my Christmas Card for the 2015 year. I designed it as a photo Christmas card. Instead of worrying about a back, and finding a printer that will do a back and front side, send it to your local or my favorite site,, and print as a photo. Good luck!


Have fun with it! We would love to see our designs in print! Add a comment with an image.

Here are few steps to help you with the file.  

1) It's a photoshop file. You will need photoshop to edit the card yourself. 

2) There are only three layers 1) Background, 2) Love, The... and 3) The main design. Add your picture in-between the "Love,.." and the background layer. Super simple! Remember to change your name from "Morgans"

If you want us to edit the card, because, 1) it's easier for you for us to do it or 2) you don't have photoshop.. we charge $10 to edit.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or email us at

*Remember - Loving Life Designs downloads are for followers only. We ask that if you download our creations you become a follower. It only takes a second. Thanks.

Thanks for reading!

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