April 8, 2011

Birthday Party Invitation

Both the Twin and I have been so busy that we have neglected our little blog.

No worries once her semester ends and my awful cold decides to leave me, we will surely be more on top of our lovey little blog we love so much.

We've also been out because we have been trying to figure out new ways for you to download things and print them more easily. We think that we have found something new and we are going to be testing it all on you today. I designed this a few weeks ago. My baby is having her first birthday and I was playing around with different designs and loved this one so much I thought that I would share it with the world.

What we have for you is an Editable PDF. What?!? Cool right. If you don't have photoshop this at least lets you use some of our designs.

Again I think that it's super cute. Just fill in the area's with your kiddos name and event info and you are good to go.  It's a 4 x 6. You do need Abode Reader to be able to download and edit the thing. It's free over at Abobe's website. Most computers have it already installed. If you have a mac, make sure you use Reader and not Preview.

Remember, as always, it's free. Go crazy