February 25, 2015

LDS Baptism Invitation Vertical Design
{Free Download}

About 6 months ago I posted a free LDS Baptism Invitation. To say that it was/is popular is an understatement. The page has been viewed over 4000 times and the invitation has been downloaded over 1600 times, not to mention, the numerous requests I've received to edit the design because someone didn't own Photoshop.

I have to say, I'm kind of flattered. Never did I think something like that would be so popular. I really do hope you are enjoying the design.

Since the design has been so popular I decided to re-structure the original design, just in case someone did not like the horizontal invitation. Today I am offering another FREE LDS Baptism Invitation but this time on a vertical card.

*I only did this design in blue. Blue is the most popular and this design isn't really feminine enough for a little girl. I'll start working on a feminine baptism design.

Just like the first design. I am in love with it. I think it turned out perfect. What do you like about it?

I used two fonts for this invitation Return To Sender and Century Gothic.  Make sure you have them installed on your computer before you open the psd file. Most computers should have Century Gothic installed already. Check before you download it.

*Remember - Loving Life Designs downloads are for followers only. We ask that if you download our creations you become a follower. It only takes a second. Thanks.


*A little note about the file - This is a photoshop file. You'll need photoshop to edit it. If you don't have photoshop contact us. We can edit for you - prices start at $10. 

Enjoy! *If you use it or need help with photoshop, send us a line.

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February 18, 2015

Premade blogger template
Modern Chic

Today we want to share with you another one of our pre-made blog templates. I really like how this one looks. Super clean, simple and very "in" right now.  It's called Modern Chic.

It's a monochromatic color scheme of black. I love the black look on blogs right now. I also love the custom sidebar for the social media icons. We can also add pages to that area, if you want. The options are limitless with that code.

My favorite feature on the is blog is the share icons at the bottom of each post.

Elizabeth is a genius and created a code for it. So awesome! All pre-made blogs offer that custom share icon. 

See the demo at: lovinglifemodernchicdemo.blogspot.com

Modern Chic Template features:
  • 2 column layout with right sidebar.
  • Coordinating color scheme and custom font pairings.  
  • Matching social media icons.
  • Search widget with matching submit button.
  • Welcome/About me image.
  • Social Media Share widget below blog posts.
• • •

What do you get when you order a Loving Life Designs premade Blogger template?

For starters this wouldn't be an instant download situation, where you have to install it all on your own. Loving Life Designs will install the template to make sure it turns out perfect and looks professional.

What else would you get with the purchase from Loving Life Designs?
  1. Install within 48 hours of purchase (keep in mind Loving Life Designs does not work on Sundays).
  2. The design exactly as it is shown - sorry no color or font edits. Any customizations (other than the header) will be extra.
  3. A custom edited header - as shown (we can talk about a different look). 
  4. A custom edited about me/profile widget picture. 
  5. Static page content customization - you provide the text and pictures - we'll style and design your static pages. 
  6. ALL widgets you want installed and edited to perfection by Loving Life Designs. (wanna add a Pinterest widget or a Facebook widget? no problem it's part of the design.)
  7. Social Media Icons - Installed and linked to your existing accounts. 
  8. Pretty much any edits that are needed to make this blog perfect for you and your readers. 

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February 7, 2015

February 2015
LDS Visiting Teaching Handout

Hey everyone, today's download is this month's visiting teaching message. It's beautiful! Go and read the full message, it's linked below. It's all about Christ and His atoning sacrifice, and how we can better understand and relate to Christ through His atonement. The quote by Elder Todd Christoferson is so simple but so powerful! What was your favorite quote/section?
The full visiting teaching message can be found here - The Attributes of Jesus Christ: Without Sin. 
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*A little note - The image is 4x6 size card. Sorry to those of you who prefer 5x7 size cards. If you would like a 5x7 size let me know and I'll whip one up.

We also have a phone wallpaper for you to download and use.

On your phone, click on the corresponding phone, it will take you to a new page, hold your finger down on the image, a dialog box will appear after a few seconds asking what you want to do with the image, click on "Save Image" You can assign the picture to your wallpaper through your settings>wallpaper

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