July 24, 2013

How to Download and Install
Loving Lifes Blogger Templates
{Blogger Tutorial}

I've had several questions, lately, on how to download and install Loving Life Designs Blogger Templates. I hope this clears up any confusion there might be on how to do this.

First you'll need to decide on which template you would like to use on your blog. For this tutorial I have chosen to download and install my Simple Two Tone Template Sunshine and Clouds. Click on the download here button or text that has been provided as a link.

After you have clicked on the link you SHOULD be linked to this or a similar box.com webpage. If you are not sent to this page please let me know, and let me know which template is not working. If you are seeing this page then you are in the correct place. 

Next, in the top left there is a download button - Click it. 

It should then download the XML file. Take note as to where it was downloaded on your machine. 

Now you'll want to open your blogs dashboard and click on Template. 

On the top left of the browser window is a back up and restore button - Click it. 

A window looking like the one below should pop up. 

If you have made changes to your blog and would like to keep those for any reason or to make a backup of how your blog looks now, incase there is a problem with the upload, click on download full template and save it. 

If you don't care click choose file below the phrase "upload a template from a file on your hard drive". Find the new template file on your hard drive and click choose or okay. 

The pop up window will then look like this. 
With a little spinny wheel telling you it's uploading. 

Once the template has uploaded the window should close automatically. You can see that the new template has taken affect when you see the new template in the live on blog screen. 

To see the blog full screen click on view blog.


Viola you are done. 

Clear as mud? 

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