October 31, 2011

Photo Holiday Christmas Card - Peace on Earth {Free Christmas Card}

I know Halloween isn't over yet, but I'm just getting more and more excited for the Holiday Season.

Today I wanted to share with you a Christmas card that I created for you to download for free. I borrowed the picture from Michelle's Photography work. It's a picture of her and her family that she did. Pretty talented huh?

It's pretty simple but I really like how the Peace on Earth turned out.

You have four colors to choose from red, blue, dark green, and light green. Plus two sizes to pick a 4x6 or a 5x7.

The file is in a Photoshop format since you need to be able to change the family names and the picture. You just need to download one file and it will contain all the different elements you need to finish your Christmas card.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment with your name and email and I will be happy to answer it.

One more thing....You will need to download and install the font Halo Handletter from DaFont.com (pictured below) in order to change the wording of the font.  Otherwise Photoshop will try to find you a replacement font and it never does a great job at finding a new one.

Enjoy and as always, it's free.

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4x6 download

5x7 download

October 27, 2011

Two Little Chefs Blog Redesign

Kelly, one of the co-writers for the blog Two Little Chefs is an old friend of ours and best friends with our older sister Katherine. A while ago I asked Kelly if she would be interested in a free redesign of her blog and she graciously agreed to us designing the blog.

Two Little Chefs is the first non-family site that I have ever ventured to create. I was really excited about the idea of doing something for an actual client. Kelly thanks again for being willing to be my first client and thanks for the wonderful praise you made about us.

It took us a few weeks to finish. Mainly, we don't have all the time in the world to devote to creating our free designs, but we attempted the best we could to have a quick turn around.

One of the things I love about the blogs new design is that it's fully customizable for Kelly and Caroline. Everything, other than the header, is created with HTML and CSS. If in 2-3 months they decide to add a new widget to the side bar, they simply just have to create the widget and the HTML and CSS take care of making it look like all the rest. If they decide to add another page to the site. BOOM! Done! No need to contact me to create the page or create an image file for the navigation bar.

Lets take a look at this blog design, shall we?

Michelle handled the header. Which I personally think turned out great.

And I handled the sites design.

We're in the final stages of the design, just adding a few tweaks and what not, but it's basically done.

Go over and take a look at their amazing cooking blog. They have hundreds of recipes that they have tried and tested and every single one looks absolutely delicious. I've tried my hand at one or two...but I'm not much of a chef.

October 17, 2011

Taking Orders - Free Christmas Card Designs

I just want to announce, to those that are interested, that if you would like a custom Christmas card design we are happy to oblige. 

Here is one that I made a few years ago. I made it but never sent it out. I tend to do thinks like that all the time. I think it was because I was planning on doing family pictures and replacing the picture of my daughter with a picture of the family but never got around to making an appointment for that. Another thing that I plan to do but tend to not follow through. (my husband and I photograph horribly)

Email us with the dimensions, a picture that you would like to use, and all additional information that you would like to include in the design and we will attempt to make two separate designs. One created by Michelle and one created by Elizabeth.

Then your task is simple. Pick one to send out or don't. Just let us know with plenty of time so that we can create it for you.

our email is lovinglifedesigns at gmail dot com

Save the Date - Baby Style {Free Printable Card}

I am sorry that we've been gone the past little while. I have a pretty decent excuse that I'll be sharing with you today.

I am 16 weeks pregnant. You would think that by now my morning sickness would have disappeared, but, alas, it has not. I spend most of my time at work actually working and normally during my limited free time, (bad worker, I know) I work on Loving Life ideas, but because of the 24 hour morning sickness I tend to sit and stare at my computer screen, during my free time, hoping the feelings will subside. It never does. Now you know why I have not worked on any projects for a while.

Today I wanted to present to you the baby announcement I made for my family, announcing the arrival of our precious little monster. I thought it was a creative way to announce a pregnancy.

I present to you my feeble attempt at being cute and what not.

I printed it and put it in a frame (intending to replace the save the date card with an actual baby photo) and presented it to my mom...thats how I wanted it to happen but it didn't quite go like that. You can read more about what happened here at my personal blog.

Today I have for you a photoshop file for you to download and adjust as needed. You might have to do some kerning to get the date to be inline with the save the date. You'll figure it out.

The file is intended for a standard 4x6 picture frame.

Enjoy and as always it's free.

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