November 22, 2016

Two-Sided Christmas Card
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Hey Everyone,

Like I promised, here is my Christmas card for this year. I wanted something simple and that's what I did. I wanted a design that allowed me to write personal notes to each family/friend that we are sending these to, hence the large white space. I also didn't want to have anything on the front of my card. I know some relatives use the card as my family's portrait for the year.

I really love the way it turned out and I'm even more excited by the amazing print job that Persnickety Prints did! Seriously, I was blown away when I got my package. I live in Kansas and it was quick printing and delivery!  If you are a Utah local, you would get them super fast and if you live in the Orem/Provo area; you would get them literally next day if you did pick up at store. Sooooo freaking fast! As a photographer print quality is very very important to me and Persnickety nailed it!

Thanks Persnickety! Here is a photo of my card from Persnickety.

Anyways, to download this card follow the steps below.! We'd love to see our designs in print! Please add a comment with an image.


If you don't have photoshop, No worries! I've got your back. I've created a version without the "Love, the..." It just has "Be Merry" on the back for you to then add your own signature after printing. With this version you just need to send this to the print shop you prefer, along with any image.  No editing required. (I highly recommend Persnickety Prints!)


***NOTE!!!! THIS IS NOT A PHOTO CARD! You will need to send this to a professional printer that does two sided printing. 

Here are few steps to help you with the Photoshop file.  

1) Again, it's a photoshop file. You will need photoshop to edit the card yourself. 

2) You will need to download and install this font from

3) There are only three layers 1) Background, 2) The main design and 3) Love, The.... Just  change your name from "Morgans" to your last name, and add 2016 to the end. 

If you want us to edit the card, because, 1) it's easier for you for us to do it or 2) you don't have photoshop.. we charge $10 to edit.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or email us at

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Thanks for reading!

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