February 11, 2013

Disney Pixar Brave Valentine Cards - {Free Printable}

My daughter is obsessed with Merida. Disney Pixar's new princess. She wanted to be her for halloween. Her 6th birthday party was themed around brave. I even designed a brave invitation for her party - which I am totally proud of. I'll show it off later.

Naturally she wants brave valentine cards. So this year I decided to make and print them for her. They're not fancy or flashy.  Just simple and to the point. After all they'll be going in the trash a few hours later.

I've put all 4 on one page for you to download and print. I've left a little white space so you can trim the card with or without a white border.

I have a PDF or a JPG version. I'll be sending mine to kinkos and I need it to be a PDF not a JPG for that. (you would think that I had a working color printer in the house - ha ha, nope!)

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